How To Increase Visitors By Asking For Their Email Address

The number of visitors you send to your website will determine how long your website will live and how successful you will become. Visitors are the key factor in the success of any business, be it offline and online.

These visitors must be genuinely interested in whatever you have to offer. Otherwise, they would hit your website and click away as fast as possible. Thus there has to be a way of keeping these visitor coming back to visit your website.

Collect Email Addresses!

According to Terry Dean – a well known internet marketing guru – your website is meant for just one purpose – collecting people’s email addresses. That is one single principle he has worked with and this took him from being a Pizza delivery boy to the internet millionaire that he currently is.

So you see that there is an important need for anyone who has a website to collect his visitors’ email addresses as much as possible and through any other important contact medium.

You can increase the number of repeat visitors to your website if you find a means of bringing them back consistently. This is done by having them give you their email information. This is achievable by means of an autoresponder.

In the old days though, you had to tell people to send you an email indicating that they were interested. But with improved technology such as an autoresponder, all you have to do is get the form code from the service provider. There are quite a few reliable autoresponder services available. The two very common ones are Aweber and Getresponse. These autoresponders are services hat allow you to put the code on your website so that when they fill the form, they get automatically subscribed to your list.

To keep them coming back, you can load about 20 messages in the autoresponder that you would have offered as an ecourse on your webpage. This form of incentive will make them leave their names and email with you while keeping them coming back to your website.

You need to do this because research has shown that you need a customer to build more trust in you and your services before the can buy from you. This is why it takes about 7 repeat visits from visitors before they are converted into buyers. So, if you have not created an avenue through which you can collect people’s email addresses legitimately, you are missing out on a lot of profits.

One other thing, avoid bombarding your list with offers every minute and everyday. It is one of the fastest ways to get them to ignore you or worse still, unsubscribe from your list.  Instead what you can do is send emails but maybe test how many works best for your list.  Some companies send 1-2 per week, some send 1 per month and so on.