How To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Website?

The lifeblood of every website is the visitors that ho the website. Gone are the days of “Build it and they will come”. Things have changed and the general opinion and trend is that you have got to find ways to driving targeted website traffic to you website. If not, it might as well be situated in the Sahara desert – even that still gets a trickle of traffic. If you are going to have a successful web presence, you need to know how to drive traffic to your website. Not just any kind of traffic but targeted traffic.

Before delving into the methods through which you can generate traffic, what is targeted traffic? Targeted traffic is simply the visitor who is searching for the services and products that you offer. For instance, if some one is looking for Shoelaces and your website is all about tennis rackets, then this visitor is untargeted. He isn’t looking for what you have to offer. But assuming he was looking for the tennis racket that you’re selling, it means that he is a targeted visitor because he was looking specifically for what you are selling.

Targeted Traffic

Now the fact that there are targeted visitors makes it obvious that there are untargeted visitors. These people are not people you want visiting your website at all. Now how does one go about generating targeted traffic to a website?

1. Use pay per click advertising. This form of advertising is hugely popular. Most people who surf the Net will tell you that they have heard of it at some point about Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Adcenter and a host of other websites. But among them all, these three are the most dominant. What these companies do is offer you a medium through which you can choose the keyword you wan to target and only visitors who type in these keywords can see your advert on these search engines. Do your research properly before getting involved in this.

2. Another effective means of driving targeted traffic to your website is by mans of ezine advertising. Most people have ignored this form of advertising because they think it doesn’t work. This is an effective form of advertising. But you need to know where to get a reliable, result oriented ezine list. Topezineads is one of the best. In this form of advertising alone, you get to pay for your ads to be sent out to people specifically subscribed to a particular list in your field of interest.

3. Article marketing. Write articles on your topics and post them to at least 50 article directories. Let’s do the math: If 100 people view your article in 50 article websites this is very easy – in just one month, that would result in 5000 people seeing your article in just one month. Now imagine writing two articles a day and submitting them to tons of these directories. Now, if your articles are really good, then 5 maybe even 10% of those visitors will visit your website through your bio link at the end of the article.

Quality matters. Also it’s a good idea to have a great title. Time and time again I’ve noticed that great article titles will generate more views and ultimiately more traffic.