How to Generate Traffic From RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are being used more and more by Internet news sites and bloggers. Including an RSS feed on your blog is one way to keep your readers updated with your latest blog entries and to generate interest in potential blog members.

RSS Feed Software

The process of reviewing a variety of blogs is made easier by using RSS feeder software. This software allows the reader to select the blogs he or she is interested in, and the RSS feeder then gathers all the blogs’ new content and displays all of it in one easy-to-read location. Instead of entering the URL addresses for each individual blog, the reader is able to view the most recent postings for every selected blog at one time.

To have access to the RSS feed from a particular blog, the reader must become a member of the blog. An RSS feed button located on the blog allows members to register to receive new posts from the blog through their RSS feeder. Updates can be sent to blog members as fast as thirty minutes after the post is entered.

RSS feeds are a convenient way to promote your business. Each time you add an entry to your blog, the contents are sent to all members of your blog. Regularly updated blogs not only keep your name in front of your established readers, but will also improve the chances of your blog being listed on the first few results pages generated by search engines. Potential readers that see your blog’s listing on search engine results pages will know that you are dedicated to providing your readers with current and timely information.

Send Message To Your Feed Subscribers

The RSS feed option on your blog sends a message to potential members that your blog is worth subscribing to. Signing up for blog membership and the RSS feed is quite simple, and curious newcomers may register just to give your blog a trial run. If you consistently add new, informative posts to your blog, which are sent to members through the RSS feed, these new members will be more likely to become loyal readers and potentially help spread the word about your blog.

You can use your RSS feed for any interactive section of your business Web site. Forum messages as well as blogs can be relayed through an RSS feed. Keeping your existing and potential members updated with your latest tips, information, and ideas will go a long way in keeping your membership role full and increasing your site traffic.