Houston SEO for Local Companies

Having a website is just step 1.  If you want to generate more leads then you need to rank on the first page of Google for your services.  We’ve helped locally based companies rank on page 1 for their services.Here are just some of the business we’ve helped rank
  • AC Repair Company
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Dog Trainers
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Coolsculpting company
  • Mechanical Contractor
  • Drone Photography Company
  • Lawyer
  • Wedding Catering
  • Apartment Finder Website
  • Tennis Court Construction Company / Basketball

How Much Time Does it Take To Rank on Page 1?

It depends on which industry and how old your website is.  Based on past experience it can take between 2-4 months.  The more competitive an industry is the more likely it’ll take a bit longer.  We’ve worked in some of the toughest industries so give us a call and see whether we can help.

How Much Can Local SEO Cost?

Again it can vary depend on competition, amount of keywords and how your website is built. Prices can range from $300/mo to $1,250/mo.  I would only recommend SEO if you see it as an investment.  We helped one locally based company go from $10k worth of leads to $75k worth of leads per month while keeping his costs the same.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

How Does Our SEO Process Work?

    1. First we create a list of the services that you provide
    2. Then we research to make a list of how many people are searching for your services and related services
    3. We then provide you with this information so that we can agree on which phrases you want to rank for
    4. Then we start by auditing your website to see if it’s properly optimized so that it can rank high
    5. Next we ensure your Google Business page has the correct information
    6. Then we start the off-page link building process by comparing links that your competitors have.
      1. Building NAP links which lets Google know that you’re a local company
      2. Then we build brand links to help Google see that you’re a real company
    7. We then monitor and build links and write website content as needed to improve rankings