How to Generate Traffic With Classified Ads

So you’ve created your website. Now what? So many people think that just creating a website is enough to bring in visitors. Perhaps, when the internet was just getting started and people were starving for something new to read on the web, this used to be true. Currently, however, driving traffic to a website is nothing short of a science!

You’ve probably read plenty of articles on article marketing, social bookmarking, trading content, advertising and other complicated methods of getting the word out about your site. Your brain is probably swimming with all of the information you’ve read, but have you thought about something simple like taking out a classified ad?

Classified Ad Sites

Believe it or not, it is possible to drive traffic to a website with classified ads. Here are a few hints to help you figure out how to generate traffic with classified ads:

1. Online classified ads are just as effective as newspaper ads and are usually a lot more cost effective! Sites like Craigslist, Kijiji and Gumtree are offering free classified advertising to millions of visitors each day!

2. Take advantage of an advertising service that will syndicate and submit your ads for you. Sites like ClassifiedFlyerAd will help you create a free flyer and then send that flyer out to dozens of advertising portals all over the internet. Exercise caution when using these kinds of services though, because you won’t be able to control which categories your ad gets posted in!

3. Newsletters also feature advertising space that you can utilize. Visit sites like Newsletteraccess to find out which newsletters are targeted toward the same market as your website.

4. Always have an attention grabbing headline. Most people choose whether or not to read a classified ad solely on the text of the headline. If your headline is boring, people will skip your ad!

5. Keep your ads short and to the point. People don’t want to read a novel. They just want a fast and compelling reason to click through to your site. Your site can convince them to buy your products. The ad’s purpose is to increase your readership.

6. Do your best to tailor the text of your ad to the category in which it appears. People searching for a service want to be sold. People looking for something to read want to be entertained. Keep your reader in mind when creating your classified ad.