Email Marketing – How to Write Great Subject Lines For Emails

Open rate in email marketing means how many people have read and opened the email. This is especially true with mass mailing to a list. As you know that people don’t like to receive promotional offers in their inbox, they have created other email addresses to receive those.

Open Rate?

Obviously they won’t open email addresses if they receive promotional stuff frequently. To address this problem, you need to write compelling subject of the message. Since the subject of the message is the first thing that communicates with the reader, you need to make sure it has a lot of hooks to entice the reader to open the message instantly.

Confirm The Email Addresses

The second solution to this problem is confirming the email address of the subscriber and sending the free stuff in the inbox. While it will still enable the visitor to keep it in the other inbox, you need to make sure you give good stuff to the subscriber and ask him to open his inbox everyday for a surprise..

So let’s come back to the subject of the email message. The subject, as with any other headline oriented sales letter, needs to be interesting and contains enough hooks to make them open the message instantly and read the whole email.

Hook Them In

The hooks that can urge the reader to open a message is related to the desires humans have. The subject should be about the reader him/herself. For example, if you are promoting an info product, consider using a headline, “It’s not your fault”. Then use the headline to build the conversation. Don’t just say you were joking or something; you need to build it.

The subject line is one thing that would give you conversion. One important thing to note is that email marketing should be used to get clicks to your website or sales letter. It should never be used to sell something to them. Your sales letter will do all the selling. You can pre-sell in the email messages. Make up the mind of the readers to get the product or they will burn in hell. That should be the right tone.

Don’t Underestimate Your Subscribers

No matter what you do, never underestimate your subscribers. The trust you have gained can be broken in a minute. So make sure you keep the trust intact in the email message. One way of doing that is to review your own product in your own words. Just give an honest review and sometimes saying ‘no’ is going to make a big difference. For example, you can say that the product I am offering is not for newbies or you can say that the product you are offering is not for expert or intermediate marketers. This way you will build creditability and trust among your subscribers.

Remember you are the leader of your herd. Your subscribers are your herd. If you really want to make it big, you need to do things for their benefit. Give them freebies all the time and once in a while a good product that would make you proud.