Email Marketing Tactics – What You Need to Know Before Doing Email Marketing

Email marketing is a buzz word among online marketers. There are several unique techniques to do email marketing the right way.

Understand Your Subscribers

The first thing is to understand the psyche of your subscribers. To do that, you have to go back and see how you gathered those subscribers. Why did they give you their email addresses? What did you offer them in exchange for their email addresses? Open a notepad and write down these questions; answer them individually to understand what they want and which email marketing technique or tactic they are most likely to respond to.

For example, if you are giving away small software in exchange for email addresses, you can’t market your dog training product to them. Similarly, you need to narrow down the facts and market only the legible product that they want to know. If you are into information products, you can market information about software, how to create them, how to hire a group of developers for peanuts to a list of people who opted-in to get a software.

Customer Demographics

After narrowing down the things, they are more likely to be interested in; you need to know where they came from. If you used craigslist to market freebies or even forums, you need to figure out if they can spend money on your products or services. So open word processing software and write down the marketing tactics, you used to bring potential subscribers to your opt-in page. Write the free marketing tactics first, then the paid marketing tactics.. Now with this data in hand, you would know how many people in your list are actual buyers and how many are freebie hunters. The freebie hunter will never ever buy from you, no matter what you offer to them. If it’s free, they will be in the queue.

Once you understand the nature of your subscribers, you will be able to address the low conversion rate on your product and you can sell to masses with ease. In fact, email marketing is all about telling people about the opportunity in a unique way. Since inboxes are littered with spam, the subscriber needs something of value. So you have to address that first. Ask yourself; what did you offer the visitors to become subscribers? Did you offer had value? If there was a value, you will surely get most of the subscribers buying your stuff.


The most important thing is trust. You need to build trust with your subscriber base before selling them a product ever. If you fail to gain trust, they will opt-out like crazy and never trust you anymore. Trust, once broken, can never be gained especially in the internet marketing world.

To build trust you need to offer them stuff that has value. Don’t jump on every affiliate opportunity to sell to your list. Carefully review the product and if you see value in it, offer it to your subscribers immediately. This is a hard and fast rule or you will never be able to build a good list.

Connect With Your Email List

Use human emotions when writing emails to your subscribers. Consider them real friends. As you will never forward anything less in value to your friend, use the same emotions for your subscribers. And tell them that you consider them real friends close to your heart.

Email marketing can be very profitable over time. In fact it is a sure fire way to earn a bunch of money from your subscribers list. If you follow the instructions outlined in this article, you will gain their trust and your email marketing campaign will be a huge success.