How to Generate Traffic by Giving Away a Free EBook

There aren’t many people that can resist an offer for something that is free. This is especially true if the free offer involves something that is beneficial to the recipient. Giving away a free eBook can help generate traffic to your business site and also put your business in a good light with potential customers.

Offer A Free eBook

Your free eBook should not be long and complicated. Make sure it is informative, though. Even though it is free, some readers may still feel as if they were tricked into something if the eBook does not contain anything of value to them. They may not trust you to provide them with quality products and services. A free eBook should give just enough information to urge the reader to seek more of your advice and knowledge, but should also leave the reader with the feeling that reading the eBook was time well spent.

You can establish yourself as an expert in your field even with a short eBook. Make sure your writing is clear and easy to understand, and present highlights of interesting ideas and concepts. Keep your information more general than specific, but do offer practical advice and solutions. Recipients will appreciate the fact that you think enough of your readers and customers to offer them such valuable information free of charge. A free eBook is a good way to begin to build your readers’ trust in your abilities.

An ebook For An Email Subscriber

Asking for and receiving an eBook is quick and simple. The reader can have an eBook within minutes of his or her request. The convenient process of receiving an eBook will help to keep the readers interested in the contents of the eBook, and they will probably begin reading the eBook as soon as it is downloaded. This helps to increase the chances that readers will look to your Web site and blog for additional information after they read at least part of the eBook.

Find an eBook Topic That Your Audience Will Want

Choose an eBook topic that will interest a great majority of your targeted audience. Once you have determined the topic, decide on a title that will capture the readers’ attention. A good choice is a topic that shows you have an interest in the readers, such as a step-by-step explanation of how to complete a task that will make their lives easier. Focus on what is important to your audience, not what you think they want to hear.