How to Create an Effective Opt-In Form For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you are into email marketing, you must know the importance of opt-in form. You can either use it on your own site or build a separate page for it. I personally suggest that you build a separate page for your opt-in campaign. It helps user to focus on the specific thing you are offering.

An Effective Lead Magnet

There are certain rules to create an effective opt-in form. Perhaps, this is the hardest part in an email marketing campaign right before creating an enticing sales message. People are getting weary of opt-in forms so they are not giving out their contact information these days. However, don’t assume that opt-in marketing is dead. It is not. It’s just related to how you present the enticing offer for opt-ins.

Not everyone is great at creating good offers. They tend to give away free stuff that is really free elsewhere. So the golden rule is to create a strong offer and give your visitors something really hard to resist. 99% chances are they will never resist the offer and take it up. For example, you are selling dog training course. You need to give away a few videos of you training a dog. Ask people to watch the second part by entering their name and email address. This way they will eagerly type in their email addresses and name and access the part 2 of the video.

Positioning It stands to reason that the more often your prospects are exposed to your signup form the greater the chance that they will notice it — and actually sign up. But as with anything else, people also have a saturation point and if they are exposed to a message too often it can backfire as well. It’s always best to strategically place your signup forms and approach a prospect and customer when they are the most receptive. We have found the best places to put a signup form are either on the top right of a page, on the left hand navigation bar, or at the bottom of the page directly after the content.

Enticement An effective signup form is only as good as its enticement. Your “enticement line” will play a key role in attracting attention and convincing people to trust you enough to give you their contact information. It’s best to explain the benefits of your enticement and include a few samples, testimonials and a strong call to action.

An example “enticement line” would be: Subscribe to the Garden Tips Monthly Newsletter now to receive tips, tricks, and techniques from experts on how to better grow and care for the most beautiful garden in your neighborhood.

Offer Incentives

There are a variety of incentives that when used properly will significantly increase conversion rates. Bonuses like, whitepapers, discounts and special reports have been proven to entice prospects into leaving contact information as well as their permission to be contacted with further information. Within your welcome message, you automatically provide a link to extras that you promise or include coupon codes.

A well designed registration form can substantially improve conversion rates. Far too often, complex registration forms that are not clearly explained make a consumer skeptical. Unless you are integrated your sales lead form with your newsletter subscription form, it’s wise to keep your registration form simple and the information you request to a minimum. Focus on the key contact information first and throughout your relationship request additional details.

To maximize subscriptions, most site owners will just ask for first name and email address initially. On your form make sure you clearly outline your privacy policy, as well as what customers will receive after they signup.