How Much Are Your Website Visitors Worth?

Visitors are the lifeblood of any business. No visitors no sales; no sales no money. This rule is more than a reality for online businesses. Online businesses strive on lots of visitors because visitors on your site mean conversion and more conversion means more sales.

So the question is how much is each visitor worth to you? I’m sure you will answer that each visitor means a lot of money. Since online businesses need a solid marketing strategies to bring visitors on the website for potential sales rather than a brick and mortar business.

Each visitor is a potential buyer so you need to focus on each and every visitor that visits your site. You need to address their needs more vividly and you have to build an impressive sales letter that would help the visitor to decide. You need to help your visitors to make more sales. It is a rule of the thumb that you have to capture every visitor visiting your site because each visitor can give you a lot of sales and if you manage to satisfy every other visitor; you will get repeat sales which is very important if you want to have constant revenue.

Capture Your Visitors

To capture visitors on your site, you need to optimize it accordingly. A good sales letter, user-centric design and ideally an online chat service to allow people to decide easily. There are many software that help you cater to a visitor’s need. Consider the following points to convert visitors on your site because each visitor means a lot to you:

1. Write an enticing sales letter – Be clear and to the point. Visitors don’t have time to spend reading a sales letter. You should focus on informing visitors about your products and how it can benefit them

2. User-centric design – Don’t use a lot of colors on your site. In short don’t make it difficult for a visitor to search a product on your site. Make it simple and user-centric. Avoid using Flash and other animations. Make it simple and easy so that an 8th grader can easily understand what you are offering

3. Online Chat service – Ideally put an online chat service on your site. If you don’t want to spend a few dollars on it, you can use GoogleTalk badge to chat with your visitors. A good chat service allows you to see visitors on your site and it gives you an opportunity to invite the visitor to chat with you. You can sell them anything once they trust you. Online chat service increase the trust of the visitors

4. Videos – Videos are hot! By putting a few videos of your product on your website, you increase sales conversion. People love videos and it is an opportunity for you to show your product and use good graphics and impressive storyline to convert your visitors. A site with relevant videos have a higher conversion rate than the sites with no videos

5. Solve problems – Most of the online users visit a site to solve a problem. If your product is a solution to a problem, you have to emphasize on that. You should be a problem solver. Selling a product shouldn’t be important for you; solving people problem should be the main concern.

6. Email Newsletter – Another great way to increase the worth of each visitor is to offer them an incentive to sign up for your newsletter and / or to get them to sign up for your blog updates. So instead of the regular visit and leave. You’ll be in front of them month after month through your newsletters and blogs.

Test Test and Keep Testing

So if each visitor means a lot to you, you should test good strategies to make sure you capture each visitor to your site. The formula for online success is to believe that every visitor is worth a million dollar and you should do anything to capture more visitors on your site to be successful.

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