How to Generate Traffic From Directories

The use of Web directories for Web search information is quickly growing in popularity. Some Internet users rely only on Web directories for their information searches. Submitting your Web site to a Web directory can help to increase your site traffic by letting people know that your site is there and that you’re open for business.

Web Directories

Web directories list their registered Web sites according to a variety of categories. This makes it simple for someone looking for information about a particular subject to find an extensive list of Web site possibilities. When you submit your Web site to a Web directory, make sure you review the entire list of directory categories. Having your site listed in the most descriptive category for your business is essential for driving people to your site.

If you are unsure about which category to use for your listing, review some of the Web sites already listed in the various categories to help you make your decision.

The listings for Web directories are comprised of Web sites that the site owners submit and also Web sites that the directory editors discover and add to the directory listing. It is quite possible that, if you have a well-established and informative Web site, that your site is already listed on one of the Web directories.

Don’t wait for one of the directories to find you. Be proactive and submit your Web site to one or more directories so that your site will definitely be listed as a resource for Web researchers.

Submit your Web site to well-known directories with proven track records. There is a much greater chance that your site will be discovered on a popular directory. You will also want to target Internet users that choose to use a high-quality Web directory.

There are several established directories available today, and there will likely be more created in the years to come. Know the overall rating of a Web directory before submitting your site for a listing. Your business’s reputation can be affected by your online associations.

The Open Directory, or DMOZ (Directory Mozilla), has been in operation since 1999 and is one of the most frequently used Web directories. Your site submission may take as long as a year and a half to actually appear on the directory, but it will be well worth the wait to be listed on this well-established Web directory.

Yahoo Directory is another high-quality directory that you can consider. A listing in either one of these directories will help direct potential clients and information seekers to your site.