Is There Anyone Searching For Your Services?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly how many people are searching for the service that you offer?

Search Engine Optimization

Guess what there is a way. It’s commonly known to SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Experts that tools such as Keyword Demand Tool are a great way to find out what type of demand there is for a keyword or services.

That keyword could be the services that you offer, products that you sell, or just keywords in general. Yahoo used to offer free access to their Keyword Demand Tool but for awhile now that tool has been inaccessible.

Google Keyword Demand Tool

Enter Google. Google recently rolled out their Keyword Demand Tool that helps you find out how many people are searching for services, products, and just keywords in general. The tool is targeted for Advertisers but you can also use it to find out demand for your services. You can access their free tool at:

Type in a keyword that your customer might use to search for your services and the keyword tool will tell you how many searches there are for that keyword.

This is a great method to find out what type of demand there is for your services.

If you type in general keywords then you’ll find a lot of demand, but if you plan on ranking high start small by ranking in your local area first.

EX: If you’re a used car dealer in houston then the keyword tool shows that in June there were 590 searches for “used car dealer in houston“. On the other hand if you just typed in “used car dealer” then there were 135,000 searches last month.

That’s just one keyword – the Google tool will also help you find out:

  • Advertiser Competition
  • Amount of Searches Last Month
  • Average Searches over the last 12 Months
  • Similar Keywords
  • Additional Keywords to Consider

This is a great way to find out what type of demand their is for your services.

Keep in mind:

1) That the keyword tool does differentiate between singular form such as “dealer” & plural form such as “dealers” so try different keyword combinations and focus on those that fit your services and products.

2) The number is just the demand on Google so you can make a calculated guess on the amount of searches on yahoo. Combined both of them dominate the search industry with Microsoft in a distant 3rd.

If you need a more advanced research tool then try Keyword Elite. It will help you uncover more advanced information such as:

  • Amount of clicks you could get for Adword ads
  • Cost of Adword clicks
  • Create Keyword Demand List
  • Analyze Keyword Competition
  • AdWords Keyword Competition