How To Use Graphics and Color in Web Design

Have you ever tried to understand the psyche of your customers before planning to build a website?

Well, if you have not done so, then start now!

In website design pomp and glamour can be replaced by color and graphics. Simple things are good, but the eyes of any normal person are more receptive towards flashy things.

According to some recent research, use of color and graphics motivates the readers up to 80% and boosts the sales of your products and ideas from 55% to 85%. So, you should use proper colors and graphics in order to catch the attention of the customer and prolong his stay on your site.

But improper use of any color won’t help your website’s traffic much. To create an impact on the minds of the surfers, choice of the right shades is very important.

The Right Color

The first thing that should come under consideration while choosing the color for your site is the font color. Always remember that while marketing on the web, the main weapon in your armory are the appropriate words and phrases. The color of the font is has to be styled so that the words become distinctly understandable. More often than not, black font color is preferred, but sometimes other colors are used to give the website an attractive look. The light shades generally are not distinctly visible and should be avoided.

The font colors may be different based on the background, but some sort of parity should always be maintained. The background color of a site is very important too as far as the overall presentation of the site is concerned. The background colors are not supposed to strain the eyes of the surfers. They should be sober yet attractive.

Another thing that should be kept in mind while choosing colors is that you are building a site to cater to an array of viewers. These viewers come from different cultures and have different likes and dislikes. Different colors have different connotations in different cultures. For example, the color black is the color of evil to some while it is the color of goodwill in some other cultures. Therefore, before the use of any color, detailed research must be carried out on the different connotations that the color carries.

Graphics perform the role of the eye catchers. They arrest the minds of surfers and often make them stop and take a look. They are also used to make difficult things simpler. You might want to tell your surfers about a new product, but when you express it in words, the interest of the viewers is not aroused. So, what will you do now? Simply resort to the use of graphics and illustrate the whole thing. Keep in mind when you use graphics — that though they are attractive, they might slow down your site or take a bit longer to load. This won’t help your site because you risk the user losing interest. So if possible optimize the images for web so that they load faster.

Graphics and colors separate a website from the rest of the pack. Often, it can help if you go through other great sites and try to find what colors and graphics they use. The right combination of these two components can boost your website and make your site more popular!