How to Generate Income From Affiliate Programs

Affiliate advertising is an easy way for bloggers to generate more income for their businesses. This is a type of online marketing where the blogger is paid to advertise and promote another business’s products and services. Both parties benefit from the arrangement, as an advertising business is able to reach more potential customers, and the blogger creates an additional revenue stream. Advertisements for products and services can drive more traffic to your blog and provide you with extra income.

Be Careful!

Before entering into an agreement with an affiliate program, make sure the terms of the agreement are clear to you. Know up front how often you will be paid and the method of payment. Your payment may be based on pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, or pay-per-sale. All these payment methods require your blog readers to follow through with a particular action, such as clicking on the advertisement or contacting the advertising business. Determine if the offered payment method is satisfactory to you and whether it is reasonable to expect your readers to be interested in the advertisement.

Pick Programs That Match Your Content

Carefully select the advertisements you will place on your blog. The affiliate program products and services promoted on your blog should be in alignment with your blog’s content and the readers’ interests. Make sure that the products and services advertised are within a price range that your blog readers can afford. Research the advertisement business to ensure that they are an honest and trustworthy business. You do not want to advertise any product or service that will not meet your readers’ expectations because your own integrity will be questioned if the affiliate advertiser provides items of poor quality.

Don’t enter into agreement with an lots of affiliate programs. The possibility of making extra income from each advertiser might lead you to think that “more is better,” but too many advertisers on your blog will usually cause the search engines to classify your blog as spam and will probably result in fewer people visiting your site. Limit your affiliate programs to a few credible, trustworthy advertisers.

Some affiliate programs restrict their advertising to blogs that are well-established and already have a high traffic count. Amazon, eBay, and AllPosters, however, all accept bloggers without regard to how long their blog has been active. Affiliate directories, such as Commission Junction, Affiliates Directory, and Associate Programs offer lists of advertising opportunities, but most of these have strict prerequisites for bloggers interested in advertising.