Grilling Your Website Design Firm

Who doesn’t want a website. But before you get started on your website make sure you ask these question to help you decide whether a website design firm is right for you. Here a few questions that you can ask to ensure they’re right for you.

Is the website design quote guaranteed?

Most web design include an option that allows you to request a free quote. If you do request a free quote from a firm then make sure to ask them whether this quote is guaranteed or if the final price might be different.

If you add new features then yes that price might be different but if you didn’t change anything then you should only pay what was agreed on.

What are the maintenance cost after the website is done?

Maintenance costs really depend on the type of website you have. If you have a small five page website for your business then you’re maintenance cost could be anything from updating text to setting up new email addresses for your employees. If on the other hand you have a complex website with a database, a web programming language then you should expect some type of a monthly maintenance fee that’ll allow the website team to manage your system and make sure it’s running smoothly.

It’s different for each website unless they offer you a package deal which might include monthly maintenance fee.

Do I have complete rights to this website?

For small websites normally it’s assumed you have the right to the complete website design because there are no complex systems installed. But if you have a custom developed system that runs on special code that the firm owns then you need to ask them whether you have complete rights to the software. Most will say yes but there are some that create their own systems and in those cases you might have rights to that system on your website but no reseller rights.

What if you need additional features after the website is done?

Once the website is done if you decide to add new features then how will those be priced and developed. If it’s a custom website or system then the website firm will likely provide you with a price sheet, but if it’s a ready made system that been customized to fit your needs then there might not be an option to add additional features. There’s no way to know so the best option is to find out during the proposal.

These are just a few of the general questions. Each website case is uniquely different so consider creating your own checklist of questions and then ask those questions to find out which website design firm is best for you.