Does Your Website Have a Call To Action?

What is your company’s website aiming for? Well, definitely as an entrepreneur your main aim is to sell the products of your company through your website. In order to grow interest in the minds of the visitors, you might use convincing words and attract them towards using your products. But the success of the site can be evaluated through the growth of the online sales of the company. Any website is loaded with valuable information, but when this information is added with a call to action, the site can achieve a great start.

Call To Action

So what really is call for action? Call to action is just a simple statement that gives instructions to the users on the steps that they are supposed to follow while going through the website. Some examples related to this phrase are “register now”, “sign up”, “get a newsletter”, “click here” etc.

With the help of proper web design management, the company can turn any visitor of the website into a consumer of the goods of the company. Every website maintains a funnel process; the process starts with the visitor opening the page whereas the final step of the process where the options for the visitors are streamlined is the call for action. Call to action should be placed in a readily visible position and should be accessible to the visitors. This means that the positioning of the call to action is of vital importance.

Often while designing a page, the designers place the call for action at the bottom of the page; but, this is detrimental for the purpose of your company. The call for action should be placed on top of the web page, so that it catches the eye of the visitors and instigates them to think at the propositions and the benefits that your company is providing.

What’s more, keeping the call to action on top of the page will make the visitors read the instructions and he might act on it. The text of the call for action must be written in such a way that it stands out from the other body texts. The call to action is best if written in bold and in different color (preferably in red). A button might work even better.

When the visitor clicks on the call for action, say “Subscribe”, make sure that a link demanding some information of the visitor opens up. This will in fact help you in the future to keep record. But, plain words such as “Register”, “Subscribe” etc has become mundane. To draw the attention of the visitor and to make him act readily, little jugglery of words is always beneficial. So, use the words such as hurry, now, soon, fast to enthuse the readers.

Call to action is the final step in the funnel process and helps the consumer in taking instant decisions. Moreover, the call for action is designed to infuse a sense of urgency in the minds of the users and thus, they can lead to huge profits. So, make use of it and give your business a new dimension!