SEO Can Help Your Business Get to the First Page of Google

From Dentists to Restaurants, if you're trying to get more visitors and clients from Houston then you need to rank high in Houston. Let Website Design Houston optimize and promote your website with our Local SEO Package.

Here are a few of the key features that we'll do to help your website rank high on the first page

  • Make a list of keywords that people are searching for. It sounds like a common sense statement but there are SEO's out there who'll try to get you to rank for your business name. That's not where the visitors are. Website Design Houston will provide in-depth keyword report so that you'll know how many people are searching for your services.
  • Then we'll test your website to make sure it's ready. Being ready in this case means that it loads fast.
  • We'll make sure your website works correctly on smart phones and desktops
  • If needed then we'll also optimize your Google Business Page
  • Then we'll build links from Local Directories such as Yelp and get NAP Citations
  • If you have news then we'll also submit Press Releases for Branded Links
  • Last we'll find and build links to your website from high quality websites

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But What Exactly is SEO?


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The term SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It's a process where an SEO expert, such as myself, analyzes your website and then helps you to increase your websites' ranking on Google. This is very important because a vast majority of people that search for services on Google will pick a business that's on the 1st page. There are only 10 positions on page 1 of organic search results.

That means your business has to be on page 1 so that those customers can see your website and click on it. The closer your website is to the top of the webpage the more likely those customers will see your website.

How is Website Design Houston Different?

Our team has over 10+ years of experience so we've helped all types of businesses get to Page 1 of Google. Here are some of the industries that we've done SEO for just within the past few months

  • Plastic Surgeons
  • AC / HVAC Repair Company
  • Dog Trainers
  • Beauty Spa
  • Weight Loss Center
  • Surgery Center
  • Workers Compensation Attorney
  • and more..

How much time does it take before your website ranks high?

This requires me to do some research to see how your website is performing right now. If you have a brand new website that you launched within the last year then it can take 1-3 months. If you've done SEO work before but haven't reached page 1 then my team and I need to do further research to find out what you did and how to improve upon it. This would be 2-3 months minimum.

The websites that I mentioned above were able to show significant increases within the first 1 to 3 months.

How much does SEO cost?

It depends on which industry and keyword phrases. Some industries such as surgery, ac repair, attorney are more competitive then others such as dog trainers.

There are two costs. The initial startup can range from $800 to $2000. The on-going maintenance to keep you ranked high which could be between $200 to $900 per month. There are no contracts. You are free to cancel anytime.

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